We are happy and excited to announce a chat feature right here on our blog page.  Just another great opportunity for us to communicate and get together.   With our other chat page about to expire and with again our name change, this was a great opportunity to make the switch.

If you look at the upper right hand corner of this page you will see our chat button.

Like this one
 When you press the chat button it will reopen the blog page and to the right of our page will be a windowed chat.

Down at the bottom of that windowed screen is where you put in your screen name and do your typing (chatting).

(We ask that you use only your Wizard101 names and not your real one)

There are some features that you can use with this, like opening up a separate window for the chat and leaving the blog page in full size.  Right now we prefer keeping it on the side, for the really cool reason is that you can go anywhere on the internet and still chat with us.

Please remember to keep to our rules and be considerate of everyone in the chat.

We hope that you enjoy yet another great addition to our group.  Please make sure you tell all your friends in the spiral about us and invite the to join in.

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