Gift Cards hit the stores

June is a great time to buy some gift cards for Wizard101.  As usual pets come with each card and make great gifts for that wizard in your life.  Don't forget about Dad with Fathers Day just around the corner.

Here is the line up for June's Gift Cards:

From Gamestop -
$10 - Prime Piggle - 1 Balanceblade Spell
$20 - Skyscream Demon - 1 Unstoppable Spell

From Rite Aid -
$10 - Sly Piggle - 1 Steal Charm Spell
$20 - Premier Porker - 1 Feint Spell

From Toy R Us -
$10 - Funky Piggle - 1 Hex Spell
$20 - Bold Dragon - 1 Tower Shield Spell

From Walmart -
$10 - Spark Colossus - 1 Blinding Light Spell

From 7-Eleven -
$10 - Revered Dragon - 1 Monstrous Spell

From Blockbuster -
$10 - Cerulean Dragon - 1 Ice Armor Spell

From CVS -
$20 - Wildwood Cyclops - 1 Satyr Spell

From Best Buy -
$20 - Infernozilla - 1 Choke Spell

From Target -
$20 - Blizzard Cat - 1 Steal Ward Spell

From Walgreens -
$20 - Rowdy Wildclaw - 1 Plague Spell

Oh and don't forget the HOT seller this month:

  1. 1 Month of prepaid time or 5000 Crowns
  2. Sultan's Palace
  3. Additional Castle Space Elixir*
  4. Random Minigame Kiosk Housing Item
  5. Magic Carpet Permanent Mount
  6. Charmer's Mystical Flute
  7. Sultan's Attire Clothing Set
  8. Snake in a Basket Pet


Pet Day

There is a really neat comic that we stumbled upon and thought we would share it with you all.  We are hoping that there are more to come so stay tuned.

In this comic we have a wizard (Digby) who has brought his pet to show off. 


Epic Bundle Card Update

A few days ago we let you all know that on June 1st a new Epic Bundle Game card will be released.

We now have updated information on this card.

* If you already have three houses on your character, you must claim this elixir before you claim the Castle
This Double Card comes with:
  1. 1 Month of prepaid time or 5000 Crowns
  2. Sultan's Palace
  3. Additional Castle Space Elixir*
  4. Random Minigame Kiosk Housing Item
  5. Magic Carpet Permanent Mount
  6. Charmer's Mystical Flute
  7. Sultan's Attire Clothing Set
  8. Snake in a Basket Pet

This card is going to be a HOT seller, so make sure you contact your local Game Stop to see if the card is in stock and grab your card for this summer.

The Video

It seems that we may have offended some people out there with the Spiral Wars video.  We have meant this to be a joke, but unfortunately it seems that people are unable to understand this.

With that, we would like to let you all know that Wise Minions have decided that it is in their groups best interest that they can not support our efforts in participating with this blog and have asked that we remove them from the video.

Wise Minions if you don't know are an extension of the Wisen Wizards Group which is run by Central.  By having Wise Minions portrayed in the video as a "participant", both Wise Minions and Wisen Wizards felt that they were speaking harm against their own groups, so this is why they have requested to be removed from the video and blog. We have listened to their issues and concerns and have obliged their request.  We here at LNW101 meant no harm to them at all and they are always welcome to our blog and group.

We hope that we can continue forward from here with Wise Minions with some great in game events and contests after all it is just all in fun and games with Wizard101.


Coming this summer!

Every summer blockbuster movies come and entertain us.

Well here at Late Night Wizard Minion Blog we aim to please...so here is a teaser of what is to come.

(Note:  This video is all in fun and is to be taking as a JOKE)

Piggle Trooper
Forest Chewy

Please rate/comment on this video above  (the thumbs are hard to see). Let us know what you think of how we are coming along.  We are always open to suggestions. -- Thanks!

What would you like to see?

Wizard101 made a FB posting today and asked the following question:

" The spiral keeps expanding & with each expansion a bunch of props are created that would make wonderful housing objects.

If you spot an object in Wizard101 that you wish was a housing object, please take a screen shot of the object & post that screenshot on this wall post.  

We can’t guarantee that an object will be made into a housing object but we will watch this wall post & your requests will be considered. " 

We here at the blog will be following this and will compile a list of some of our favorites so if you don't see one you would like let us know in the comments.

Last updated (Friday May 27th) - Noted by New
  • Sherlock Bone's Violin 
  • Fish in a birdcage from Catherine's house in Crab Alley 
  • Marleybone Victrola 
  • Jumping fish to outside water 
  • Bird bath in the pet shop in the pet pavilion 
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Book shelf like in wizard city where the books float back and forth
  • Wand Display Case from Bazaar - New
  • The Smiths - New
  • Tower Dog House in pet shop - New
  • Spooky Bob Painting found in Halloween Towers - New
  • Kitchen Sink - New
  • Napoleon the Monkey Painting in Unicorn Way - New;
  • Moona Lisa Painting in the Library - New
  • Your schools tree - New


New Things Coming to the Spiral

As we told you a bit earlier there is a new Epic Pack Gift Card coming (June 1st), so we thought you might want to have a little taste of what is to come.

There is mystery that lies where your may not think there to be. Do you have what it takes to obtain the clues?   But remember take only the lamp. (haha like our parody).

Guarded by great and powerful beasts, do you have what it takes to find what you desire?  Inside you will find many great and hidden beautiful things.  Make sure you look around at everything to see it.

Ahh I see that your desire the chest of gold, you may claim it but only if you are Epic enough.

Within the lamp your wished may come true, but you have to rub it for the magic to come.  But this I warn you now, no more than once a day may you disturb my slumber.


We hope that you have enjoyed some of sneak peaks.  There is much more that we would love to share with you, but then again we do not want to take all the fun out of the experience for yourself.

As always please rate and comment on our blogs.

Epic Bundle and New Pet News

So you want something new and exciting? Tired of riding around on your broom? Well here is some news that might make you happy.

Magic Carpets are on their way to the spiral.  They will be included with the new Epic Bundle Card (Available June 1st).

Here is what is going to be available with the new Epic Bundle Card (rumored).

Sultan Gear with Flute Wand
Sultan's Palace
Magic Carpet Mount
and a Snake in a Basket Pet

As for Pet News, we have found out that a NEW mystery pet will be also released with the June gift cards sold in various stores.

This special Mystery Pet will be announced soon. Can anyone take some guesses at what it may be?
We would like to thank Edward Icespear from www.wizard101pets.com for this information.  If you have not joined his web page you need to do that now.

Dungeon Run!

Alright you LNW101 and Wisen Minions, its time for our weekly dungeon run.

This is where our groups get together and run a dungeon.  We all really enjoy doing this together, we get to catch up on our RL events and talk about game play and just have all around fun.

We would like to invite you all to this weeks run: Malistaire

Here is the information for tonight's run:

Time: 1 AM EST (12 CST, 11 MST, 10 PST)
Area: Golem Court
Realm: Unicorn Realm, Area 1.

We will also be having another dungeon run this Saturday and are accepting requests for which dungeon.  You can submit your request either here in our comments or at our forum page under the events area.

Crowns, Crowns for Sale

Once again Wizard101 is having a sale on crowns.For a limited time your can purchase 60000 Crowns for only $60 (that's 1000/$1), what a deal !

Click to buy Crowns
Want to earn some free crowns? Then invite your friends to join Wizard101 and earn some crowns not only for yourself but also for the new friend that signs up.  Below is the information on how and where to go.

How to earn free Crowns
Not only will you have more fun, but you can also get 1250 Crowns for each new person who creates a new Wizard101 account and makes single Wizard101 purchase of $6 or more on that account. Plus the new friend or family member who made the purchase will also get 1250 Crowns!

To get your friend code click here.(Note: you have to log into your Wizard101 account to obtain your friend code)


Wizard101 Giveway

Ok so this morning Wiazard101 posted on their Facebook a giveaway....

A Storm House!!

If you are interested in possibly winning this prize you need to attend the giveaway event.

This prize is so rare from Wizard101 that they are only giving 5 of them away, normally they give away 10 prizes.

This event is going to be well attended so make sure you go here to attend.  Here is the basic event information:

Location: Facebook
Time: ‎10:00AM Friday, May 27th

You must actually attend the event you can't say that you will and not show up, because you will NOT win.

We wish you all luck and see you in the spiral.



Follow the adventures of two young Wizards as they meet the professors
of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts and learn about magic.

Here is the newest Abracadoodle:

We love to follow this series of the two young wizards getting into some mischief and mayhem. If you would like to see how it all started just click here.

As always please rate and comment on this blog.

The Making of Wizard101 Part 4

With the last part of this video series we a look at more of the development of the game Wizard101

Here we learn that design and art are tied together between a complex system of  rules and technology created by programmers.  These programmers work together with artists and directors to, the programmers are the ones that make it all work.

Wizard101 has millions and millions of users that are in a "real world" environments and these players are from all over the place, not just a centralized location.

To get a game to do so much interaction not only within the characters of the game itself, but also the end user (Wizards),  it is exciting to the KingsIsle programmers and the rest of the staff see their dreams and ideas all come to life.

The biggest difference that Wizard101 has over other online games and even board games is the card interaction with the game.  They talk about normally when you play card playing games its just a card, but with Wizard101, these cards come to life and actually do things.

The other thing that they talk about is again how this games is great for all age groups.  Many of the people at KingsIsle have children of their own, and to be able to be one of those kids would be pretty cool we think.  Imagine your a child and your parent works for one of the most popular online games.  We wonder if they try to get to know some of the secrets and new things that are to come out before we do?

One thing we want to know is when we see Vlady Judys speak (about the 1 min mark) is the two posters that are behind him.  One is a unrecognizable map and the other one looks to be some new types of characters.  Could these be things with their new projects?

KingsIsle has really made a world that we have all at one time imagined that we wanted to be a part of and can escape to.  The game continues to be challenging  and surprising.  With the progress that they have made and some things still to come, we look forward to more game play.

We hope that you enjoyed these videos and look forward to your comments.  Be on the look out for more exciting things to come to this blog and to our forum.


Abracadoodle Show Episode: 1

This episode is based off of the Wizard101 Abracadoodle Comic. This features voices, sound effects and a funny intro.

We stumbled upon these videos and we think that they will be a great set of videos to watch.

The first video may seem a bit odd and uncreative, but KingsIsle has put them on their youtube page, so we think that they are worth following.

We hope that you enjoy these videos.

The Making of Wizard101 Part 3

In this video we begin to learn about the Arts & Animation of the game.  Making Wizard101 a living, breathing world for a game geared towards kids takes a lot of creativity.

KingsIsle Entertainment has done just that by making the world "more colorful, fun and saturated".  All the worlds in the game blend well together and gives the player a sense of what it would be like to be in that world.

The time that the creators put into all this making all the characters and worlds unique is why we think that this is one of the best games out there for MMORPG.

We had to laugh when director Coleman shows his drawings (wow what an artist) of what he wants in the game and how they turn out by the programmers and graphic artists.  We think that they are spot on to his drawings, great job KI.

We hope that you enjoy this video and as always please post comments to this blog.


The Making of Wizard101 Part 2

In this video we learn about some of the designing of the game and how it starts with a blueprint.

Considering all the detail that is around the spiral we found it really neat that ideas can come from anyone, even if they do not have any design or programming knowledge.  With "there is not such thing as a bad idea, but being able to turn those ideas into a design", and we feel that KingsIsle did just that.

Now about 1:13 into the video can anyone tell us what action figure that may be?  And who would not want that :).

We hope that you enjoy this video again and please participate by providing comments.


The Making of Wizard101 Part 1

Wizard 101 has been out for 3 years (wow time flies in the spiral) and below is Part 1 of how they made Wizard101 the game and the thought process behind it.

We really like this video and the others and how creative this team really is.  There are so many people behind the scenes and so much has gone into making this game so highly notable amongst gamers.

 As noted in the video Wizard101 is the flagship of KingsIsle Entertainment, and what a way to start their company off.  This game appeals to both the young and the old(er).  With a wonderful story line and great graphics to go along with it.

We loved the fact that they incorporated some of the characters into the video.

We hope that you enjoy this video and the others to come.


Wintertusk has arrived

The Story of Grizzleheim Continues with Wintertusk!

Word of your deeds in Grizzleheim has reached the ears of the greatest of the ravens, none other than Grandmother Raven herself. She's calling you to rescue her from the Coven....

You will begin your journey in Wintertusk after you have completed the "Blood Brother" quest in Grizzleheim. If you have completed this quest, speak to Merle Ambrose who will give you the quest "Cold News". If he does not have the quest 'Cold News' for you, have haven't completed the "Blood Brother" quest.

When you begin your quest to rescue Grandmother Raven, you will be sent to Hrundle Fjord, the main area in Wintertusk.

Hrundle Fjord is a small walled Viking-style village, primarily inhabited by bear warriors and traders. There is a small dock outside where merchants and warriors enter the area. It’s remote and cold, perpetually covered in snow, and it’s among the older places in Grizzleheim. The surrounding areas are full of wild creatures and barbarians.

Wintertusk contains 5 main areas: Hrundle Fjord, Austrilund, Vestrilund, Sudrilund and the areas of Nordrilund & Nastrond are bundled together. Each of these areas are Premium areas that will require a Membership to enter, or individual areas will be available to be purchased with Crowns when Wintertusk arrives in the Live Game. Each area will be 1995



We are happy and excited to announce a chat feature right here on our blog page.  Just another great opportunity for us to communicate and get together.   With our other chat page about to expire and with again our name change, this was a great opportunity to make the switch.

If you look at the upper right hand corner of this page you will see our chat button.

Like this one
 When you press the chat button it will reopen the blog page and to the right of our page will be a windowed chat.

Down at the bottom of that windowed screen is where you put in your screen name and do your typing (chatting).

(We ask that you use only your Wizard101 names and not your real one)

There are some features that you can use with this, like opening up a separate window for the chat and leaving the blog page in full size.  Right now we prefer keeping it on the side, for the really cool reason is that you can go anywhere on the internet and still chat with us.

Please remember to keep to our rules and be considerate of everyone in the chat.

We hope that you enjoy yet another great addition to our group.  Please make sure you tell all your friends in the spiral about us and invite the to join in.


New Launcher

If you logged onto Wizard101 today you probably noticed something different when you signed on.

Wizard101 has produced a new game launcher to display more news and just to be more fun.

We think that this is about time that they changed the launcher, it is much more appealing to look at. Let us know what you think by commenting on this blog.


Our new FB page

Over the past few weeks Facebook has been announcing that groups pages that have had slow or non-existing participation would be archived.  We actually think it was a ploy to get everyone to update to the new way of doing things and capturing more of information, but whatever.

Our New FB
Since we were notified on our old FB page (Late Night Wizards), and with our name change we decided to just make a new group page.  Which turns out to be a pretty good choice for us in the end.

With the new FB page we now have a chat program that we think will be one way to keep in touch and have our meetings.  The reasoning behind this is pretty simple, most of our group members use FB and are on pretty frequently.  With this feature we can gather together and all chat once in one window.

So we hope that you will be part of our new page and tell your friends.


Grand Opening of New Web Site

We think that it is about time for this site to finally launch and we are glad to announce it here on our blog also.

This site has been created by an old friend of ours who is a master of anything pets.

In this site you will be able to learn new and interesting things about pets, including hatching.  You can also upload what pets you have hatched and share how they came about with others.

There is a char feature that we feel will be another great place to hang out (besides our chat).  They even have a forum in where you can participate and discuss anything pets.

We hope that you enjoy this site just as much as we will.

So without further adieu......


Interview with Nick Jonas

As you all should know by now that the mystery composer for Wintertusk in the game Wizard101 has been revealed to be Nick Jonas.  Well we are happy to share the exclusive interview with Nick Jonas on how this all came about.

In the interview he talks about going onto the web site because his little brother (wonder which one) "mentioned" to him. We loved to hear about how he needed to keep to the way the music was in the game and needed to have an understanding about it all.

It is also interesting to hear that he wanted to make the music "intense but not distracting", that really let us know that he had the right mindset and musicality to do this right for the game.

Ok, so a hidden gem in the game??  About Nick that is outside of the composing and we really have to look for it.  We are looking and will let you know when we have found it.

Also when we get to see the lead writer and creative director talk about Nick, who would not want one of those prints in the background?   Just think how many people would by things that have been related to the game.  I sure would love to have a stuffed character from the game.

Well anyway we hope that you enjoy the video!

Nick Jonas is the Mystery Composer

After many weeks and clues the mystery composer for Wintertusk has finally been revealed.
Mystery Composer
Nick Jonas
 Nick Jonas the 18-year-old wrote and produced the entire score for the world of Winterlusk, an expansion world for the popular KingIsle Entertainment game Wizard101. Nick composed 7 pieces of environmental music that serve to define the personality of Wintertusk.

 We welcome Nick to the Wizard101 Family and look forward to hearing his music in Wintertusk.  We are sure that it will be chilling and add to the great play that Wintertusk will bring to the spiral.



Welcome to our blog page!

Over the past few months we have decided to make some changes to the group which has included a name change to Late Night Wizards 101.  As the internet is a huge part of daily lives now (news, entertainment, texting) we figured we might as well keep up with it all and add a blog to our arsenal.

On this blog you will find many interesting topics about the group, and anything and everything related to the game Wizard 101.  We will try to keep this blog updated weekly, but keep in mind that RL (Real Life) comes first.

Many of the blogs that you will see will be written by our "officers/leaders" of the group, but be on the look out for special bloggers that are part of our group.

We hope that you enjoy our blog and make sure you subscribe to our feeds and join our other avenues of internet connections (Facebook,Twitter). Oh, and don't forget to join the forum.