Welcome to our blog page!

Over the past few months we have decided to make some changes to the group which has included a name change to Late Night Wizards 101.  As the internet is a huge part of daily lives now (news, entertainment, texting) we figured we might as well keep up with it all and add a blog to our arsenal.

On this blog you will find many interesting topics about the group, and anything and everything related to the game Wizard 101.  We will try to keep this blog updated weekly, but keep in mind that RL (Real Life) comes first.

Many of the blogs that you will see will be written by our "officers/leaders" of the group, but be on the look out for special bloggers that are part of our group.

We hope that you enjoy our blog and make sure you subscribe to our feeds and join our other avenues of internet connections (Facebook,Twitter). Oh, and don't forget to join the forum.

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