Late Night News

Hey Late Nighters we got some group news today. Last night was our monthly group meeting. Thanks to all the Late Night Wizards, new and old, who made the meeting last night.

Our first bit of business was tonight’s event: Boss Races. We will see who is the fastest to beat several bosses with prizes for the fastest times. This event will kick off at 1 am EST (12 CST, 11 MST, 10 PST). We will meet in Golem Court in Unicorn Realm, Area 1 as usual. Next month we will have a Scavenger Hunt after the group meeting.

These last couple of weeks have been great fun in Wizard 101. Wysteria has come to the Spiral. This is a world for Wizards level 25 and up. New enemy’s to battle include goblins, hobgoblins, and some seriously cool looking plant guys. Here you will compete in a magical tournament with students from other magical worlds while you try to unravel the mystery behind the missing Spiral Cup. If you can manage that challenge, Wysteria has even more fun in store when you reach level 60 with the new Tower of the Helephant. This tower has some nasty cheats and the first floor is by far the hardest. We ran this tower for our Wednesday dungeon run and I got a spiffy new ring. I got three more wizards ready to tackle this tower when time permits.

Also new in August are House Teleporters. These handy devices allow you to port between houses in your inventory. I got one from the new Wyvern’s Hoard Home and Garden pack. These packs contain lots and lots of trees for your castles, plants, three different sets of gear which make you look like a tree person, and mounts. The mounts are the real prize in this pack. If you are lucky you might get some fairy wings (I got a blue set), and, if you are very lucky, a Wyvern mount in one of five colors.

I took my legendary Life and Fire wizards through Wysteria last week, and got my life wizard, Keira Unicornwhisper through the Tower of The Helephant on Wednesday. This weekend I’m hiding from the triple digit heat by sitting with my laptop in front of a window air conditioner and working my way through Wysteria with my second set of Legendary wizards; Keira Nightshade, death and Kieran Earthwhisper, life. After I finish this little detour I'll head back to Celestia and try to finish that up soon.

See you around the Spiral!

Keira Unicornwhisper