The Making of Wizard101 Part 4

With the last part of this video series we a look at more of the development of the game Wizard101

Here we learn that design and art are tied together between a complex system of  rules and technology created by programmers.  These programmers work together with artists and directors to, the programmers are the ones that make it all work.

Wizard101 has millions and millions of users that are in a "real world" environments and these players are from all over the place, not just a centralized location.

To get a game to do so much interaction not only within the characters of the game itself, but also the end user (Wizards),  it is exciting to the KingsIsle programmers and the rest of the staff see their dreams and ideas all come to life.

The biggest difference that Wizard101 has over other online games and even board games is the card interaction with the game.  They talk about normally when you play card playing games its just a card, but with Wizard101, these cards come to life and actually do things.

The other thing that they talk about is again how this games is great for all age groups.  Many of the people at KingsIsle have children of their own, and to be able to be one of those kids would be pretty cool we think.  Imagine your a child and your parent works for one of the most popular online games.  We wonder if they try to get to know some of the secrets and new things that are to come out before we do?

One thing we want to know is when we see Vlady Judys speak (about the 1 min mark) is the two posters that are behind him.  One is a unrecognizable map and the other one looks to be some new types of characters.  Could these be things with their new projects?

KingsIsle has really made a world that we have all at one time imagined that we wanted to be a part of and can escape to.  The game continues to be challenging  and surprising.  With the progress that they have made and some things still to come, we look forward to more game play.

We hope that you enjoyed these videos and look forward to your comments.  Be on the look out for more exciting things to come to this blog and to our forum.

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