Interview with Nick Jonas

As you all should know by now that the mystery composer for Wintertusk in the game Wizard101 has been revealed to be Nick Jonas.  Well we are happy to share the exclusive interview with Nick Jonas on how this all came about.

In the interview he talks about going onto the web site because his little brother (wonder which one) "mentioned" to him. We loved to hear about how he needed to keep to the way the music was in the game and needed to have an understanding about it all.

It is also interesting to hear that he wanted to make the music "intense but not distracting", that really let us know that he had the right mindset and musicality to do this right for the game.

Ok, so a hidden gem in the game??  About Nick that is outside of the composing and we really have to look for it.  We are looking and will let you know when we have found it.

Also when we get to see the lead writer and creative director talk about Nick, who would not want one of those prints in the background?   Just think how many people would by things that have been related to the game.  I sure would love to have a stuffed character from the game.

Well anyway we hope that you enjoy the video!

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