Epic Bundle and New Pet News

So you want something new and exciting? Tired of riding around on your broom? Well here is some news that might make you happy.

Magic Carpets are on their way to the spiral.  They will be included with the new Epic Bundle Card (Available June 1st).

Here is what is going to be available with the new Epic Bundle Card (rumored).

Sultan Gear with Flute Wand
Sultan's Palace
Magic Carpet Mount
and a Snake in a Basket Pet

As for Pet News, we have found out that a NEW mystery pet will be also released with the June gift cards sold in various stores.

This special Mystery Pet will be announced soon. Can anyone take some guesses at what it may be?
We would like to thank Edward Icespear from www.wizard101pets.com for this information.  If you have not joined his web page you need to do that now.

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  1. I don't know about you, but I'm still waiting for that little GH bear pet. That little dude is still wandering around Northguard just waiting to be picked up and hugged.