The Video

It seems that we may have offended some people out there with the Spiral Wars video.  We have meant this to be a joke, but unfortunately it seems that people are unable to understand this.

With that, we would like to let you all know that Wise Minions have decided that it is in their groups best interest that they can not support our efforts in participating with this blog and have asked that we remove them from the video.

Wise Minions if you don't know are an extension of the Wisen Wizards Group which is run by Central.  By having Wise Minions portrayed in the video as a "participant", both Wise Minions and Wisen Wizards felt that they were speaking harm against their own groups, so this is why they have requested to be removed from the video and blog. We have listened to their issues and concerns and have obliged their request.  We here at LNW101 meant no harm to them at all and they are always welcome to our blog and group.

We hope that we can continue forward from here with Wise Minions with some great in game events and contests after all it is just all in fun and games with Wizard101.

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